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Together we can figure out what is going on


We all experience some anxiety in life but, when it interferes with our ability to function as usual, it is time to seek help. Even strong and resilient people may encounter such times, leaving them feeling shame and guilt. Together, we can explore the circumstances in which you find yourself and practice some techniques to overcome anxiety.


Have you been feeling depressed all day, every day, for the past two weeks or longer? Has it been the kind of depression where you do not sleep (or sleep too much), do not eat (or eat too much), and cry a lot, or has it been just weeks and weeks of low mood? Come and talk about your experience with depression and we will work together to overcome it.

Adjustment difficulties

We experience many changes throughout our lifetime. For example, marriage, divorce, having children, falling ill, a new job or city, to name just a few. These life transitions may prove to be very stressful and difficult to handle. Let’s talk about your particular transition and how you may begin to feel more comfortable in your new circumstances.

Grief and loss

The loss of a loved one is very distressing. We are often left with that hole in our hearts which makes us feel lost, hurt, angry, or helpless. Sometimes, the losses are leftovers from childhood that we carry as a load into adulthood. Let’s talk about your particular loss and how to move on.

Past trauma

Many of us experience some kind of trauma in our lives. Whether in childhood (emotional, physical, or sexual) or adulthood (e.g. birth trauma, accident, a life changing illness), it may be difficult to cope with. You and I can discuss your experience and, together, establish ways to help you minimize the effects trauma has on your life.


When trauma strikes in early childhood, some children resort to dissociation as a coping mechanism, to distance themselves from the pain. There is a spectrum of such disorders from emotional or physical numbness to the other extreme, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID or “multiple personalities”). Treatment is likely to take months, even years, but it is possible. I will take you seriously.

Couples' therapy

When you can't talk to your partner about how you feel, money, sex, children, and in-laws, and you feel anger, hurt, or a loss of loving feelings, it is time to come and see me. If both of you want to improve the relationship, I can help. Together we will explore areas of conflict and practice better ways to deal with such issues, improve the relationship, and become more intimate. A trip to Hawaii will not make things better but a psychologist will!


When you dread Mondays, feel tired all the time, and have no patience for your loved ones – it is time to rethink the way you live. You are burning out. Come talk to me about it and let’s work together to establish a more balanced and satisfying life for you.