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Why see a Psychologist?

People seek psychotherapy for many reasons. Sometime the cause is a life changing event such as marriage, the birth of a child, divorce, illness, empty nest, or retirement. Others may carry emotional scars from childhood that continue to affect as adults. They may find their old coping skills (e.g. avoidance, pushing-through the pain, or dissociation), are no longer sufficient in adulthood and, in fact, may interfere with their current ability to function as parents, spouses, friends, or employees.

In our increasingly stressful world, we experience more frequent episodes of depressed mood, helplessness and hopelessness, and episodes of anxiety and worry, sometimes impairing our daily functioning. Marriages may become strained, causing anger and hurt feelings. Communication may fail.

All of these concerns can be addressed in psychotherapy. Forget about how your pain compares with others’ – it is your particular pain and suffering that requires the attention of a psychologist. Loving friends and family can be supportive and helpful but usually they lack the training and skills to help you affect real change in your life. A psychologist is a skilled professional with many years of education and training, honed to address your particular psychological needs. Our profession is guided by a set of rules determined by the College of Psychologists of BC to ensure ethical conduct and to offer clients a place to complain when those rules are broken.

The education and skill of the psychologist you are considering are important but you must also feel comfortable and safe. The trust relationship you develop with your psychologist is the best predictor of treatment success.

Begin your journey to good mental health with me – together we can investigate your concerns and establish a trust and a path to a happier you.